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SMI offer Training in most type of strategic management knowledge. Learn, Gain, and Maintain your Strategic Management Professional (SMP)® certification. All our courses are practical, leading quality, and all count for Professional Contact Hours (PCHs).

Foundational: Strategic Planning

In this entry-level position or at your upcoming level of education, you can distinguish yourself by demonstrating that you know and understand the language of business.
Level: Foundational 
PCHs: 4
MEMBERS: $239.00   
NON MEMBERS: $299.00

Foundational: SMI - CASM™ Certified Associate In Strategic Management ™

When you graduate from college or are new to workforce you need SMI - CASM™ to distinguish yourself by showing that you are ready to take on biger responsibility.

Level: Foundational

PCHs: 15

MEMBERS: $699.00

NON MEMBERS: $799.00

Intermediate: SMI-SMP® Strategıc Management Professional

Earning an SMP certification means that you are a practitioner who is well positioned to provide the professional skills needed to lead strategic teams and achieve successful strategic results.

Level: Intermediate

PCHs: 12

MEMBERS: $475.00

NON MEMBERS: $670.00

Intermediate: SMI-PSA® Professional in Strategıc Analysis

Props up your organization needs to play essential roles in your teams that depend on business analysis practitioners .

Level: Intermediate

PCHs: 15

MEMBERS: $540.00

NON MEMBERS: $740.00

SPECIALIZATION: SMI-RMP® Risk Management Professional

Learning and implementing expertise in the specialized area to recognize and evaluate strategic risks to the business team, explain the acknowledgment and worth that the role provides to the strategic management profession.


PCHs: 15

MEMBERS: $540.00

NON MEMBERS: $740.00

SPECIALIZATION: SMI - ITE Innovation And Technology Environment

Earning an ITE certification means that you are Equipped yourself with the essential skills to build communication plans, manage positive role holders communications to take your outcomes to best levels.


PCHs: 15

MEMBERS: $540.00

NON MEMBERS: $740.00

PTST: SMI - PMP® Program Management Professional

Earning an SMI - PMP® certification means that you have deep knowledge and experience to employers with a prestigious certification.

Level: Practitioner, Theorist, & Strategic Thinker

PCHs: 20

MEMBERS: $630.00

NON MEMBERS: $830.00

SMI - PTST® -Practitioner, Theorist, & Strategic Thinker

Earning an SMI - PTST certification indicates an immense depth of knowledge and practical experience in strategic management methods and how to implement them.

Level: Practitioner, Theorist, & Strategic Thinker

PCHs: 30

MEMBERS: $720.00

NON MEMBERS: $920.00

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An organization’s resources are consumed by use, and its functional competencies are consumed by non-use. “
Source: The book (Beyond Institutional Excellence : From Excellence to Supremacy) by researcher Zaher Basheer Al-Abdo “PTST”

Zaher B. Alabdo "PTST"

The Honor Chief of the Arab Management Org. | The Inventor ”MBI” Theory, the ”Leadership_21” Approach and ISS strategy.