SMI Authorized Training Partners are organizations that we have approved to offer Courses that offer PCHs to maintain your SMI certification.

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    About our Institute

    Strategic Management Institute (SMI) is the leading professional organization for strategic management, and the authority for a growing global community of thousands of strategic professionals and individuals who use strategic management skills.These professionals and “develop makers” always create best investment for their businesses, and community worldwide.

    “Leadership cannot have its productive side unless useful and renewable knowledge is it’s tool, and conscious implementation of it’s behavior”.

    Source: The book (Beyond Institutional Excellence : From Excellence to Supremacy) by researcher Zaher Basheer Al-Abdo “PTST”

    Zaher B. Alabdo "PTST"

    The Honor Chief of the Arab Management Org. | The Inventor ”MBI” Theory, the ”Leadership_21” Approach and ISS strategy.

    We Offer supremacy institutional Services.

    We Offer strategic planning, implementing tools & and supremacy institutional Services.