Bad Money Habits You’re Teaching Your Kids


Money is a taboo subject in our culture, which means it can be tough for parents to know how to talk to their kids about it. But children are little sponges, and the lessons they learn about money may not be the ones you intend to teach them.

Here are four bad money habits you might be passing along to Junior and Sis, without even realizing — and how to start teaching them positive money lessons. (See also: 6 Fun Games That Teach Your Kids About Money)

The Bad Habit: Entitlement

Every single parent has had this moment. You have made it clear to your kid that they may not have the candy bar or Thomas the Tank Engine figurine or other coveted object du jour — but the fit they throw in the store is worthy of a gold medal at the temper tantrum Olympics, and it’s easier to give in than fight your sobbing child all the way back to the car. Read More