5 Reasons You Should Sell E-books Online

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Internet marketers usually hone their writing skills by writing blogs or e-mail newsletters. Some have even monetized their virtual real estate with Google ads, affiliate marketing, joint ventures (JVs) and occasional soft sells to their subscriber lists.

Even if you have earned some money from past efforts, isn’t it time to put your writing talents to better use and get more leverage? Writing and selling e-books is so incredibly easy these days and a great way to make extra money online.

It’s all about exploiting a tried and true formula of online selling: Offer a premium (digital) product to your website visitors or subscribers at a nominal to modest price.

Consider the major benefits of selling ebooks below, all of which should motivate you to write something yourself (right after reading this article!).

1. Proven Demonstration of your Expert Status

You are aware of the “know, like and trust” factor in Internet Marketing.

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