4 Things You Should Consider Before Using Twitter For Business

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If you are a business owner considering social networking do not overlook Twitter.  Yes, it is simple, and seems like a waste of time, but it is not.

Business that use Twitter for social networking are smart.  They know that Twitter can be a fast and powerful way to deliver important messages about your business events, sales, and even to offer coupons or just connect with your brand followers.

Twitter may be near featureless but what it lacks in polish, it makes up for in practical use due to its startling popularity. But Twittering the wrong information can hurt your business. Here are important Twitter tips to consider before you start a Twitter account for your business, as well as basic tips to help get you started on Twitter today!

Twitter Business Tip #1: Ignore the Nay-Sayers – Do Use Twitter for Your Business

I am now convinced that any business owner who tells you not to use Twitter because it will ruin your professional image is: a) a business owner still communicating with customers in the dark ages; or b) a really savvy business owner already secretly Twittering your clients.

According to Mashable, in 2008, Twitter had about 6 million users. Even with a high user drop out rate (60% of people abandon Twitter accounts after one month) Mashable projects by year-end 2009, 18 million people will be using Twitter. Mashable also projects there will be more than 26 million active Twitter users for 2010.

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